We facilitate access to a better oral health guided by technology.
Dental prosthesis-on-implants treatments: quicker, safer and less invasive with a faster recovery for patients.

Safer, less visits to the clinic, more personalized, and cost-efficient.

BiteRight uses the latest technology and the most advanced industrial and clinical processes to provide implant treatments with maximum customization at an affordable cost.

Each treatment and each tooth is unique, of quality, with the maximum guarantee, and designed exclusively for each patient.

Available for these treatments: unitary (one tooth), bridges (one to four teeth) and full arches (all upper or lower teeth arches).

Menos visitas y menos invasivo

Less minutes sitting in the box thanks to our service already proven by thousands of implants performed to satisfied clients.
For single implants it is estimated that in 2 visits you will be able to go home with the implant load done.

More personalized

With the latest technologies, we easily collect all the necessary data to generate 3D models of your mouth to design the most precise and adjusted treatment for your case. With this we avoid unwanted misalignments, errors and pain.

More affordable

The combination with the latest technologies, the reduction of interactions and visits, the industrial production processes, and the choice of the most suitable materials allow us to offer the service at the most competitive and affordable prices.

Patients experience


In only 3 steps

We have created a comprehensive solution that is highly innovative, scalable and economical in order to transform dental prosthetic treatments into precise and efficient technology-based processes.

With this, we manage to take professionals to the next level with minimal investment, enabling them to improve the patient experience.

Step 1

Diagnosis and data submission

The dentist scans and diagnoses the patient using dental imaging techniques such as X-rays, CT scans, or intraoral scans.

Subsequently easily sends the necessary scan data to BiteRight via the provided software platform.

The clinic and the medical team control and manage the data associated with the treatment at all times.

Step 2

Data analysis and treatment design

The BiteRight system analyzes the patient’s data and designs the appropriate treatment for the patient, generating the most precise proposal for the execution of the operation and with the most appropriate materials.

All the necessary components for the execution are produced, heat sealed and packaged in our BiteRight laboratories to be sent to the clinic in a BiteRight Box.

Step 3

Treatment execution

The clinic receives the complete solution of an implant-supported dental prosthesis ready to be used by the dentists.

The implant is placed through a guided-surgery splint that ensures the correct implant positioning at all times, and facilitates the process by drastically reducing the time invested, being less invasive for the patient.

What do they say about our treatments?

“I was scared but the treatment has been incredible, fast and effective. Before I could not eat nor smile, now I can do many things and I feel more confident.”


“The budget was much cheaper for me compared to other more costly proposals I received in other clinics. The result, perfect.”


“My husband and a neighbor have also undergone similar treatment, and we are all very satisfied.”


“It is important that you feel supported by the professionals, and that the experience is not too painful. The process has been much less traumatic than I expected.”


“Now that I had the treatment done, it is clear to me that I would do it again, with my eyes closed. I always recommend it to my acquaintances. I am very happy.”


“I was very scared but then I didn’t even feel it. Before I couldn’t eat and my false teeth fell out. Now I’ve been with implants for 3 years, I can eat everything, and I’m delighted.”


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