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Adopt high-precision guided surgery in 3 simple steps. Compatible with your brand of implants. Faster, safer and less invasive treatments.
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What is BiteRight?
BiteRight is the solution for clinics, dentists and patients, which accelerates the adoption of the latest technologies and innovative materials, facilitating access to better oral health for more people.
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Artificial Intelligence at the service of oral health
By combining process engineering, artificial intelligence and the most advanced materials, BiteRight manages to simplify the complexity of adopting the most innovative and reliable technologies for greater efficiency, profitability and safety.
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Complete on-demand service for personalized implant and prosthetic treatments
We design, from start to finish, implant and prosthesis treatments for your patients. Through guided surgeries, made with 3D printing and CAD techniques, we manage to maximize the benefits for clinics and patients: fewer visits, less discomfort, more safety, more accessible.
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More reliability and simplicity for professionals and patients

BiteRight designs and produces a personalized treatment for each patient taking advantage of the most advanced technologies, automation and the latest prosthetic materials.


Less invasive treatments, with less waiting time and more personalized. Only 2 visits to the clinic to carry out the entire implant and prosthesis placement process. All the materials of each treatment, deeply customized and delivered in a single box.


Our end-to-end image-assisted treatment design solution, and our treatments’ management software, facilitate the perfect fit of all surgical and prosthetic components and the secure management of all medical data.


More affordable treatments with the best guarantee. All software, the management, the production and the logistics necessary for personalized implant treatments, integrated in a single one-stop shop service.


Servicing clinics and dentists, BiteRight provides you with a complete one-stop shop and end-to-end solution for implant-supported dental prostheses ready to place through guided surgery.

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Relying on the most advanced technologies, we manage to analyze, design and produce your most appropriate, most personalized, most affordable, and least invasive treatment.

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