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BiteRight Prosthesis First: in 3 simple steps and compatible with your brand of implants. You choose.

Differentiate from other clinics, be more agile, predictable and profitable.
Increase the capacity of your clinic by reducing the duration and number of visits.

Adopt prosthetically guided surgery for all your treatments.
The placement of implants begins with the design of the prosthesis.

BiteRight® allows you to focus on your clinical practice and providing the best care to your patients. We ensure quality, precision and avoid unforeseen events.

In addition, you will comply with the new Medical Device Regulation (MDR) without any additional effort.
All your treatments’ data available 24/7 on your smartphone, tablet or personal computer.

For professionals who seek digitalization and innovation, and want to differentiate themselves to lead the change in implant-supported restorations.

Solve all your cases with the precision that complex cases require

Delegate the digital planning of the guided surgery treatment plan that you define. Receive all the necessary elements for the guided execution of the surgery and the definitive prosthesis.You set the medical criteria. You decide.

Take advantage of the latest technology without filling your clinic with machinery, without purchasing software and without the need for engineering knowledge.

BiteRight Digital Platform:
everything under your control, always.

Our digital platform simplifies communication with the laboratory through a single channel. In a systematized, updated and orderly manner.

Medical, logistical and technical information on all treatments available in an agile and intuitive way in a single web application.

Complete traceability with maximum security and data protection, complying with the Medical Device Regulation.

Clinically proven solution
in more than 3000 treatments

BiteRight Prosthesis First allows you to resolve treatments in just 3 visits and 5 times faster, thus improving the patient experience and the efficiency of your consultation.

Thanks to 100% digital reverse planning and the BiteRight Ringless Guide surgical splint with our innovative Ringless Technology you get predictable results and immediate provisionalization.

All elements of the integral BiteRight® treatment have a 3-year guarantee.

BiteRight Healing Shapers:
optimal gum shaping

Have personalized BiteRight Healing Shapers for each treatment.

Using our personalized and anatomical healing caps throughout the osseointegration period, shapes the gingiva according to the emergence profile of the definitive prosthesis designed with the BiteRight Prosthesis First philosophy.

It achieves agile placement of the definitive prosthesis, less invasive for the patient and with shaped soft tissues. Avoids the need for anesthesia and bleeding.


Unitary treatments or bridges for partially edentulous patients. In just 3 visits.

You will have the final crown before placing the implant.

Get to know our surgical splint for high-precision guided surgery Ringless Guide.

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Full arch treatments for fully edentulous patients in 2 visits.

Thanks to the Immediate FullArch protocol you will benefit from the agility and precision of our treatments with Stackable Ringless Guide splints, as well as the instant provisionalization of the available prosthesis before starting your surgery.

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BiteRight Prosthesis First

BiteRight Digital Platform is the BiteRight® web application, it provides 3D visualizations of the treatment plan, easily understandable so that patients visualize the different steps. Helping you with the explanation and increasing the acceptance rate of treatments.

With this and the BiteRight Prosthesis First planning approach you will be able to work with safety and simplicity.

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In 3 steps

Step 1

Data Capture

The dentist scans and diagnoses the patient using photographs, CBCT and 3D intraoral scanning.

Then creates a new treatment request through the BiteRight Digital Platform and easily submits all diagnostics data, as well as the relevant medical observations and their indications for the case.

The clinic and the medical team control and manage the data associated with the treatment at all times.

Step 2

BiteRight® Process

BiteRight® analyzes the data and 100% digitally designs the treatment plan and the prosthesis so that it has passive, functional and aesthetic adjustment, according to the data sent by the clinic.

BiteRight® treatment plans are prosthetically guided and designed so that the execution of the surgery is precise, agile and without unforeseen events.

The plans use the BiteRight Ringless Guide
monolithic surgical splint
for single and bridge treatments, and the BiteRight Stackable Ringless Guide system of stackable splints for full arches.

Step 3

Treatment Execution

The clinic receives the BiteRight Box with all the necessary elements to be able to perform the guided surgery implant placement, the passive fit test of the definitive prosthesis, and the placement of healing caps in the same visit .

BiteRight Prosthesis First digital planning approach, based on the final tooth, guarantees the predictability of the protocols.

BiteRight® covers the aesthetic needs of treatments that require instant loading of provisional prosthesis, as well as shaping the gums in other cases using the BiteRight Healing Shapers.

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Attend a Demo Day to see a treatment on a real patient and see for yourself what the integral BiteRight® solution for implant-supported prosthesis treatments means.

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